02 March, 2008

Further Update on Kiera's recovery

Well, it's been a month since Kiera was "diagnosed". In that time she has made a miraculous recovery. We have been to Hydrotherapy twice a week for a couple of weeks which has been great. It's been about a week since her last Hydrotherapy session and I've decided to take her back because I'm not really happy with taking her for a walk quite yet. Kiera can now walk, jog and sometimes run on her own. She doesn't need me to help her up or to walk anymore. She even wanted to start playing last week! We rolled the ball gently for her and she is fine to run after it but still has some trouble when she stops. Her legs just can't handle the pressure of running and then quickly stopping. When she stops to pick up the ball, her legs crumble underneath her and she collapses. It's this reason why I'm going to take her back to Hydrotherapy for a few more sessions.

I'll take this opportunity to reiterate - I don't think that Kiera has or had Coonhound Paralysis. Her recovery time is one factor in proving that. If she had Coonhound, I don't think that she would have been up and walking as fast as she has. Aside from the fact that we don't have raccoons in New Zealand. I now think that she has poisoned herself - with what, I don't know. We have Wandering Jew in copious amounts at home as well as Deadly Nightshade. If you are reading this because your dog has Coonhound and are hoping to find some answers, I hope that what I have said does help you in some way. The most important thing is DON'T GIVE UP! Stay as positive as you can and do everything that you can. Make sure that you keep up the Physiotherapy sessions. Try to get your dog to hydrotherapy if you can. Talk to people and always get more than one opinion from vets or specialists. I wish you well in your dogs recovery.

Kristina and Kiera

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