04 February, 2008

Kiera's Physio sessions

Here is a description on how I do Kiera's Physio sessions. I have found that in 2 days of doing it, she is much more flexible in her toes (so important for walking!). She also loves it and normally falls asleep while I am doing it.

With Kiera laying on her side I sit with her paws facing me. I then slowly massage in small circles going from just behind her ears all the way down to the base of her tail and then all the way back to her ears. I do this 3-4 times.

Then I move to her shoulder and hip. I was doing them separately at the beginning but have found doing both at the same time is pretty easy. Again working in small circles, I make my way all the way around her shoulder and hip. Remember that their shoulder muscles connect to their neck so find the connection and massage this too if you can. I then work down both the front and back of her legs to her ankles and paws including her toes. I do this up and down a few times to warm her up.

Then I start to work on her motion. I work on one leg at a time and have both hands on her leg while moving it. I move her leg in an exaggerated simulation of a step with one hand on her mid leg and the other pushing against her middle toes using her nails. I keep the stretch going on her toes the whole time in motion. Once I have been working on her front leg for a few minutes, I then go to her hind leg doing the same as for the front.

Then I scoot her forward with one hand on her lower back and the other on her shoulders so I can flip her over. We have wooden floors so she is easy to scoot around. If you have carpet then perhaps put your dog on a towel or blanket, so they don't get carpet burn, and pull them around on that. To flip her, I take hold of her legs closest to the floor and slowly roll her over onto her other side.

I then repeat the same process as above for her other side. Sometimes I have to take a break in the middle because she demands a tummy rub by rolling onto her back. I figure she can get spoilt as much as she wants while she is sick - we are just happy to have her home and getting better!! This will probably come to bit me in the bum later on when she is better but I'll deal with that then.

Good luck with your Physio, keep it up no matter how tired you feel! Your dog will benefit from it and that is the end goal isn't it?

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