04 February, 2008

Hydrotherapy ROCKS!!!!

I've just gotten back from Kiera's hydrotherapy session and it is the best thing I have ever done for her!! She found it difficult but the people there were great and really supportive of her. She had a 5 minute session in the Hydrotherapy pool which is a swimming pool rather than a tank with a treadmill at the bottom of it. She put her little doggy lifejacket on and they hooked her up to the safety cable and off she went. Well, she didn't actually go anywhere because the safety stopped her but she swam for 5 minutes with a couple of breaks in between. Afterwards she was able to stand on her own - yay puppy!! We bathed her because the pool is chlorinated. She was able to sit up on her own with no help getting up. Then we put a towel around her waist by her hind legs to support her and she WALKED out of the pool area and into the reception area!! She wee'd all over the carpet in reception (whoops) which apparently happens quite often when dogs have hydrotherapy. I've been told they often do #2's as well (just so you know if you are going to take your dog...). After a small rest Kiera then walked (supported again) from reception to my car. I can't really believe it. Now that we are home she was able to get from the car almost down the steps but stumbled on the last one and gave up trying to walk all together. She is now enjoying a well deserved rest on the lawn in the shade. Next session is on Thursday so lets hope I can report on an even better outcome then!

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